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Speaking Truth to Gittins

Terry McCrann (sadly, no link, but see the dead tree edition of the Weekend Australian) responds to Ross Gittins’ latest martyrdom operation:

There is nobody in the media or economic policy and tax circles in any doubt that Costello looks at [George] Megalogenis in the same way he would at a rabid dog which had literally bit into his belly.

And that sits in this paper’ broader sustained, coherent and consistent critique of Howard government policy - especially on tax, but more broadly.  If any single paper has got under Costello’s skin - but in a substantive not a snide sniping, Fairfax, way - it is The Australian.  Just think Freedom of Information…

Someone like Gittins is “authorized” to write column after column of bilious personal opinion: essentially, I hate Howard.  Occasionally if unintentionally interrupted by some substantive argument or fact.

And if Howard - in truth, someone in his office - were to respond, up goes the cry, a la this last column: bully-boy, attack on free speech, and really inanely pompous sentences like this one: “One isn’t supposed to write about such behind-the-scenes bullying, of course.”…

Gittins claims that Howard’s “big lie” was his scare campaign over interest rates.  Yet in the very same column he argues that budget surpluses are critical to low rates; and attacks the government for not having bigger surpluses - causing rates to be a “fraction higher than otherwise.”

McCrann is just getting warmed up.  Go get the print edition for more.

posted on 23 September 2006 by skirchner in Economics

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