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Op-eds - 2021

‘Australian capital and talent is leaving home’, The Australian Financial Review, 22 December 2021.

‘China’s WTO Accession and US Economic Engagement 20 Years On’, Australian Outlook, 9 December 2021.

‘Omicron is the least of the problems for global trade’, The Australian Financial Review, 30 November 2021.

‘A geoeconomic alliance’, Australian Outlook, 14 October 2021.

‘Countering China’s trade coercion should be alliance agenda’, The Australian Financial Review, 21 September 2021.

‘The Australia-US Bilateral Investment Relationship in 2020: Taxing Times’, Australian Outlook, 6 July 2021.

‘US investors cool on Australia’, The Mandarin, 6 July 2021.

‘G7 tax deal a threat to refomers’, The Australian Financial Review, 7 June 2021.

‘Higher corporate taxes make paying for Biden’s spending harder’, The Australian Financial Review, 4 May 2021.

‘National security looms large for foreign investment’, The Mandarin, 20 April 2021.

posted on 20 April 2021 by skirchner

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