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‘The Effect of Changes in Monetary Policy on Consumer and Business Confidence’, The Australian Economic Review, 53(1), March 2020.

‘State of Confusion: Economic Policy Uncertainty and International Trade and Investment’, Australian Economic Review, 25 March 2019.

‘Money too tight to mention: The Reserve Bank of Australia’s financial stability mandate and low inflation’,Economic Analysis and Policy, 3 October 2018.

‘The G20 and Global Governance’, Cato Journal, 36(3), Fall 2016.

‘Foreign Direct Investment in Australia Following the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement’, Australian Economic Review, Vol. 45, No. 4, December 2012, pp. 410-21.

‘Federal Legislative Activism in Australia: A New Approach to Testing Wagner’s Law’, Public Choice, Volume 153, Issue 3, 2012, pp. 375-392.

‘Reforming Fiscal Responsibility Legislation’, Economic Papers, 30(1), March 2011, 29-32.

‘James Buchanan’s Normative Theory of the State’, Australian Journal of Political Science, 30(2), July 1995.

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