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Op-Eds - 2019

‘US protectionism a costly failure’, The Australian Financial Review, 16 December 2019.

‘Now we know. The Reserve Bank has spelled out what it will do when rates approach zero’, The Conversation, 27 November 2019.

‘The Treasurer should not let the RBA off the hook so easily’, Australian Financial Review, 6 November 2019.

‘Trump’s fake trade deal comes at a high price for global economy’, The Australian Financial Review, 14 October 2019.

‘When interest rates approach zero, the RBA must rethink monetary policy’, ABC Online, 8 October 2019.

‘Currency wars lack real weapons’, The 45th, 14 August 2019.

‘Beware of romaticising the legacies of Bretton Woods’, Australian Financial Review, 26 July 2019.

‘Quantitative easing does not increase inequality’, The Mandarin, 19 June 2019.

‘How the Reserve Bank would make quantitative easing work’, The Conversation, 18 June 2019.

‘US Fed shows the RBA is not about to “run out of ammunition”’, The 45th, 5 June 2019.

‘New government should put Phil Lowe on the hook for inflation’, The Mandarin, 9 May 2019.

‘Why a US-China trade deal won’t end the trade war’, The Australian Financial Review, 9 May 2019.

‘There are surprising answers to the puzzle of stagnant wages,’ The Australian Financial Review, 27 February 2017.

posted on 27 February 2019 by skirchner

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