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John Galt Played by a Raincoat

P J O’Rourke reviews Atlas Shrugged, the movie, Part 1:

I will not pan “Atlas Shrugged.” I don’t have the guts.  If you associate with Randians—and I do—saying anything critical about Ayn Rand is almost as scary as saying anything critical toAyn Rand.  What’s more, given how protective Randians are of Rand, I’m not sure she’s dead.

Then there is the audacity of bringing “Atlas Shrugged” to the screen at all. Rand devotees, starting with Rand herself, have been attempting it for 40 years…  trying to make a movie of “Atlas Shrugged” is like trying to make a movie of “The Wealth of Nations.” But Adam Smith had the good sense to leave us with no plot, characters or melodramatic clashes of will so that we wouldn’t be tempted to try.

posted on 07 April 2011 by skirchner in Rand

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