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Top 23 Depression-Peddling Doomsayers

Business Insider rounds-up the usual suspects. I agree with at least one of them: Tim Congdon. As I noted in this op-ed earlier in the year, bond markets were overstating inflation risks at the expense of the more likely scenario of continued ‘stimulus’-induced stagnation.

posted on 02 July 2010 by skirchner in Economics, Financial Markets

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I think BI has the wrong Mike Whitney.

Don’t get me wrong, Mike is top bloke, and will be forever remembered for smashing three runs off the last ball against the Windies in the Toohey’s ad, but I’m pretty sure he’s not an economist, doomsayer or otherwise.

P.S. Krugman’s right.  If (and this is a big if) policymakers follow through with all this hawkish talk, a double-dip is a near certainty.

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