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‘Free Market Supply Side Voodoo Fundamentalism Zealots’

Nouriel Roubini finally goes over the edge:

who is at fault for this utter housing and financial disaster. The answer is clear: the blame lies with free market zealot and fanatics and voodoo economics ideologues who captured US economic policy in the last six years.

Who knew?


posted on 19 March 2007 by skirchner in Economics, Financial Markets

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He was already over the edge (along w/ the rest of his fellow permabears), now he’s finally admitting the psychological underpinnings of his ‘analysis’.  It was funny watching it magnify after the ‘disaster’ that happened in November 2004.

Posted by cb  on  03/20  at  12:49 AM

Why do I always miss this? I always forget about the voodoo! It gets me every time. I will learn one of these days….

Posted by tracedef  on  03/20  at  08:47 AM

“free market zealot and fanatics”

I do believe we’ve found Rudd’s speechwriter.

Posted by benson  on  03/21  at  12:02 PM

The comparison with Rudd is apt, since both he and Roubini are asserting things that are patently absurd.  Roubini’s suggestion that US financial markets are some un-regulated free-for-all is about as plausible as Rudd’s claim that Howard is a slave to Hayek.

Posted by skirchner  on  03/21  at  03:20 PM

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