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The SMH’s Lisa Pryor indulges her vindictive streak:

Bring on the recession, my evil mind thinks, see how you feel then, suckers. Then where will you be with your spoilt ways and mobile phone bills and your misplaced optimism?

posted on 06 April 2007 by skirchner in Culture & Society, Economics

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I don’t buy the anti-capitalist diatribe, but doesn’t she have a (tongue-in-cheek) point that some young people do tend to spend a lot and can therefore needlessly get into trouble? This doesn’t mean that anything should be ‘done’ about it, but that perhaps they ought to think about saving more for their own sake. Should I not be salary-sacrificing into super?

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/16  at  11:00 AM

Wishing financial hardship on to others is perverse, even in a tongue-in-cheek sense.  The assumption that people don’t save is simply wrong.  In aggregate people do save, when you net out household sector assets and liabilities.

Posted by skirchner  on  04/17  at  10:19 AM

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