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Abbott and McKibbin Need to Talk

Michael Stutchbury makes the case for Liberal leader Tony Abbott to adopt Warwick McKibbin’s hybrid ETS-cabon tax as a counter to Labor’s ETS.  Former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull was once sold on the McKibbin model when in government, but couldn’t be bothered making the case from opposition.

posted on 04 December 2009 by skirchner in Economics, Politics

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Abbott can’t support McKibbin’s scheme when he’s running around saying “Great Big New Tax” at every opportunity.  Unfortunately that’s what happens when the lunatics take over the asylum—rational debate goes out the window, and you’re left with scare mongering.

As for Turnbull supporting the CPRS, I think he came to the conclusion that any price on carbon was better than no price on carbon.  His party was not in government, so he was never going to get the McKibbin scheme up even if that was his preferred option.

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