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AUS, the Anarchist Left and Tax Reform

Do Malcolm Turnbull’s tax reform proposals really have their origins in brawls with the anarchist left of the 1970s?

The future treasurer confesses all to Turnbull about being bashed up by anarchist Red Bingham, a bruising encounter that resulted in a $150 fine and a photo press call for newspapers.

Bingham also dishes the dirt to Turnbull, admitting that “by beating up Costello, I wanted to expose the entire bourgeois morality on which his existence rested”.

“I wanted to expose his faith in the bourgeois law courts, the bourgeois traitor press and the resurgent fascists in Canberra,” he explains.

Was Red the inspiration of Turnbull’s recent 51-page assault on the Treasurer’s tax reform credentials that will now be assessed by Treasury officials?

The millionaire MP isn’t saying.

posted on 10 September 2005 by skirchner in Economics

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